Street Safe Street Smart (SSSS) initiative addresses road safety at the municipal ward level. It is an effort to identify locations that are require safety measures and implement design interventions that would eventually reduce the risk of accidents at the respective junction or the road. SSSS involves the following steps:

  1. Identification of the locations that require safety measures with the help of the corporator and the traffic police.

  2. Identification of road safety champions / volunteers with the help of the ward corporator.

  3. Conducting road safety audit with road safety champions / volunteers in the ward.

  4. Studying data from road safety audit.

  5. Creating design interventions.

  6. Community consultation workshop on design in the presence of civic bodies and the corporator.

  7. Fundraising for implementing the agreed design.

  8. Implementation through the ward corporator.

  9. Monitoring and evaluation through traffic police and citizen volunteers.

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