Smaran - Be the Change :

A network of Accident Survivors and Families | Policy Advocacy for Positive Change.
‘Smaran’ is a national campaign co-led by the survivors, families, and friends of road-crash victims. The campaign is supported by individuals and groups that are passionate about saving lives and injuries on the Indian roads.
The main objective of this campaign is to hold authorities accountable to strengthen road safety in public spaces and roads, to reduce instances of road crashes, and hence road deaths and injuries.

Compendium of Technology Solutions for Road Safety :

Intelligent Transport and Traffic Systems | Tackling India’s road-deaths
Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) refers to technology being applied to the area of transport management and traffic infrastructure.
ITS is a proven way to make roads safer and influencing road-user behavior, and hence Governments across the world are making substantive investments into ITS. In India, given the uniquely high numbers of people and vehicles on the road, with more vulnerable road users than anywhere in the world, it is super critical to identify the most appropriate technologies around the globe and adapt them for the Indian roads.
CoRPS’ campaign to collate a Compendium of Technology Solutions for Road Safety by CoRPS aims to help governments and the stakeholders think through various ways to acquire these tech-enabled solutions to reduce instances of road crashes.

Campaign for Setting up Road Safety Authority in Every State :

Road Safety Leadership | Petitions and Public Support
CoRPS has always believed that making roads safer is a people’s job and to make general public more participative in the efforts to make roads safer. Having said that, historically, countries with strong and active road safety authorities tend to have far lesser or no road deaths. Hence CoRPS has been demanding setting up of Road Safety Authorities in every state through various approaches.
In the past, CoRPS led petitions with thousands of signatories asking Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari, to instruct every state to set up road safety authority.
Currently there is no standard operating procedure for maintaining roads. No one has a role to ensure road safety. The absence of a local road-safety authority is felt more than ever before. We believe that if there’s an institution or an individual leading road-safety as a role, we all will feel much safer on the road.


If you feel passionate about any of the above areas of work and want to make a change in the road safety space, do reach out to us.

We at CoRPS welcome volunteers, interns and team members who would like to champion our cause and bring a change.