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Concern for Road and Pedestrian Safety (CoRPS) is a registered not-for-profit trust, set up with an aim to reduce road accidents resulting in deaths and injuries. We are committed to help improve road safety in India through scientific interventions in the areas of education and engineering aligned with the global Safe Systems Approach.


We do

Building scientific temper and hazard perception among young children (8-16yrs) with added emphasis on building strong driving-learning and licensing systems.

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Preparing citizensto take control of roads around them

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We do it


There are four core values that guide our work


Empathy for all road users

Road as a shared social space - From homeless to the ultra-rich

Road happen to be the only space that is shared among all. We believe that reintroducing roads as a Shared Social Space will help inculcate empathy and fundamentally change our behavior on the road.


Scientific Temper

Every road user with high hazard perception

Absence of scientific temper among road users brings down a road-user’s ability to deal with the risks. Our approach at CoRPS incorporates science and scientific tools which keeps us focused on safe-systems thinking as we develop interventions to prevent road accidents.


Agency for change

Everyone to contribute to road safety

Education, Enforcement, Engineering and Emergency-Response, each of the 4Es of road safety, has room to build agency among people to find different ways to contribute to road safety. We take ‘building agency’ seriously and hence CoRPS works with all constituencies enabling problem-solving agency in everyone.



Roads to reflect the diversity of public

Currently, road infrastructure in India is largely built keeping in mind a specific user group. We at CoRPS envision a road environment that keeps in mind needs of all genders, castes, communities, persons with disabilities and all age groups.


Scientifically Safe Roads - Educated & Responsible Road Users

Building an army of Young Change Agents for Road Safety by joining hands with schools to raise the next generation of road users as responsible and empathetic drivers. Making roads safer with the help of 3M as our partner across 15 cities, 101 schools

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Creating safe zones by joining hands with civic bodies, politicians, urban planners, corporate partners, architects and implementing agencies. This involves Conducting detailed risk assessment of accident black spots, Star-rating of roads and Conceptualizing safe road designs and implementing low cost changes

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Simulator based learning modules for building hazard perception and defensive driving to reduce crash risks by developing your ability to search for hazards and anticipate what might happen next. Developed by road safety and behavior science experts from Cranefield University.

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Drivers Training Aggregator Platform Bridging the gap between cab drivers and people who wish to learn driving Improving the livelihood/economic standard of drivers Building drivers’ capacity as responsible road users

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Road Safety Month 2021 Concludes with These Activities

A host of activities by various governments, stakeholders, public and private institutions as well as the common public were taken to raise awareness about road accidents, road safety, and best road practices for all.

Intelligent Transport System – the Future of Traffic Management

Intelligent Transport System or ITS is a method of solving traffic and transport related problems using technology. The ultimate aim of using ITS is reducing commute time and achieve traffic efficiency.


Choose the cause you believe in and help us in Saving Lives, One by One!


"People who do not have homes they sleep on the roads every night and hawkers put up their shops on the roads. We should always remember them while driving on roads."



"Road safety rules are made for the safety of our lives on roads and these rules have also been changed for better from time to time. However, what hasn’t changed is our mentality. If children below the age of 10 are made aware abut road safety rules, then growing up they would follow these rules as we all must do."

Sidhharth Atal


“The workshop and event held by 3M helped us understand how many cars, motorbikes and pedestrians pass through the junction near our school every minute. We understood the importance of road signs, signals, drainage and sewer systems etc. We now realize the importance of these hings and we will take it forward.”

Sujal Kumar Mishra




Concern for Road and Pedestrian Safety
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