To improve the livelihood/economic standard of drivers by empowering them to become trainers and earn through that, while building their capacity as responsible road users


While supporting about 1000+ families of drivers with dry ration, we understood that out-of-work drivers do not want charity. Given a choice, they would rather go out and work. But often do not have any other skills to find alternate opportunities of income.
CoRPS work in driving education provides an interesting opportunity. Having been trained in driving, the drivers could double-up as driving instructors if they receive top-up skills from CoRPS to be a trainer. There is a growing market of young adults or teens who are looking at credible driving trainers. Not all have access to a driving school closer to their home.
CoRPS is building an aggregator platform through which cab-drivers can access the proven hazard perception program and other inputs, and in turn sell these services (learning skills and tools) to other young people making some extra income. This can continue in the post-COVID scenario too.


Drivers Training Aggregator Platform is a digital marketplace which aims to bridge the gap between cab drivers and people who wish to learn driving. The program aims to train cab drivers to become driving trainers so that they are able to impart this skill to people who wish to learn driving from someone who has driven on roads for a large part of their lives.


If you are passionate about helping the unemployed cab drivers finding their source of income again, join hands with us to make lives easier for them.
We at CoRPS welcome volunteers, interns and team members who would like to champion this cause and bring a change in the lives of the cab drivers who have till now made our countless journeys smooth.